Getting vertigo

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged Brighton. Why is that? Not much to moan about I guess.  Scratch that.  Loads, LOADS to shout about.

Especially today. Played badly scored late winner, that’s promotion form isn’t it?

I love an away day to Elland Road. In the main part, that’s for the company (a triumvate of Brighton (me), Leeds (BMF) and Bradford (Bman) fans). And because we always get something. As it’s BMF’s home game we sit with the Leeds fans. Not an easy place to be when the ball hits the goal and it’s not Shearer or Cole. But I also love Elland Rpad because it’s “proper”. Proper football club. Revie and Bremner statues. An atmosphere with a bit of frission. Walking there through the Elland Road terraces. Club legends Eddie Gray and Norman Hunter out and about in the stands.

imageBack to the lack of blogging. Ah yes, lack of stuff to moan about. After all, for a club that’s been to the brink and back, we’ve not really had much to moan about for a few seasons now. Except last season of course. But this season…

We know it’s not time to get carried away. Possibly the toughest league in the world to get out of. We’re not playing with the swagger of league leaders. We’re possibly a tiny bit light on firepower. We’re drawing games we should win. We uncharacteristically looked shaky at the back at Leeds. But. We. Are. Top. Of. The. League. Say we are top of the league.

Before today, I’ve been joking after the last 3 draws that this is our bad spell of the season and we’re still top. Maybe that’s not so funny because it’s true. Missed penalty against Wolves, 94th minute equaliser against at Bolton, missed a hatful at home to Cardiff, won arguably despite ourselves at Leeds. And we’re still top.

Let’s just analyse today a little bit. Dunk had a poor first half. Entire defence looked rickety on set pieces. Rosenior didn’t look on the pace. March’s distribution was loose. Greer lucky Leeds didn’t score from a terrible clearance (more of a pass to the oppo). Stockdale almost victim to a comedy clearance. Baldock anonymous. Only Stephens and Bruno looked really on it plus some new signing called Bobby someone.

But we won. And how. There are dinks over the keeper and there are dinks over the keeper. There are badge kisses and there are badge kisses. There are legends and there are legends. And we are top.

We all know what the big question is and we’re too scared to think about it properly. Can we sustain it?

I’m less focused on the 4 point gap to second than I am the 8 point gap to seventh. Rationally, I don’t think we are top two. But nor did Bournemouth fans last season. And we’ve got that all important thing in any top team, a strong spine. Stockdale, Dunk et al, Stephens and Hemed. Quite fancy those four (well, we’re Brighton so we can say that and yes, small in fact tiny minority of Leeds fans, your “we can see you holding hands” gag was as hilarious as it was original).

Can we sustain it? Dunno. But the bad spell has to end soon, the quick fire passing attacking and swarming men in the box approach we saw in the first few games will return. I’m not ready to predict if we’ll be top two. My personal hope is we are top four by Christmas which will stand us in much better stead than we could ever have hoped for and I’d like Uncle Tony to buy us one more striker for Christmas please. But I do predict we’ll batter someone. Soon. They have been warned. The “bad” spell will end and let’s see what happens then.

In the meantime, we’ll enjoy the view. Getting a bit of vertigo being this high up for so long but I think I can get used to it.