About me, my blog and the ts&cs

The me & my blog bit:
Practice Development Director of Lawyers On Demand (although this is a personal blog). Former General Counsel of The Financial Times.  Prior to that a TMT lawyer at Denton Hall (now Dentons).  Once a tech lawyer, then added a dash of corporate law, now seeking to drive change as part of the alternative legal services landscape.  Believe in the value of must have content.  Lawyer, runner, blogger, tweeter, #BHAFC supporter.  Blogging about the legal profession, which is changing. From copyright to ethics to M&A to disputes to clients to colleagues to outside counsel to the in-house mission to career development to networking to the stuff you like to the stuff you don’t like to the pressures to the pleasures and back again.  And occasionally (in fact more and more often) blogging about The Beautiful Game.

The ts&cs bit:
It’s a bit of a busman’s holiday writing ts&cs for your own blog. Let’s keep ’em short & sweet (am beginning to sound like a client not a lawyer). 1. Content is (c) mine all mine but feel free to copy and share with whoever you like free-of-charge, what’s mine is yours on this blog, just please edit anything you borrow fairly and accurately and attribute it to me if you don’t mind, ta; 2. The views on this blog are mine or those of anyone who posts and are most definitely NOT those of my employer or anyone else; 3. Nothing on this blog constitutes legal advice, it’s legal commentary and maybe some opinion, but definitely not advice, so don’t rely on it to make your own decisions, and if you do, then don’t be knocking on my door to complain about it; 4. If you believe anything on this blog infringes your rights or says something it shouldn’t, then contact me on twitter @legalbrat and I’ll take a look; and 5. These terms and conditions are governed by (leave it out, Ed).

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